Ontario Canola Growers Annual Crop Tour

Due to Covid precautions we regret the Annual Canola Summer Tour

has been cancelled for 2020.

Canadian Canola Exports to China

  • Canadian and Chinese government officials discussed canola seed trade on March 30.

  • China has informed Canada that current trade in canola seed can continue (about 30% of normal exports).

  • However, the licenses of two large exporters, Richardson and Viterra, to export canola seed to China remains suspended.

Clubrooot Map:
Clubroot Map 2020 Feb from Meghani.png
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Clubroot info go to:
Ontario 2020 Cost of Production
Crop Comparison / Field Crop Budgets

Canola Challenge 2020

Bring in the winning yield!

1st place winner: $2,000

2nd place winner: $1,000

3rd place winner: $750

4th, 5th and 6th place winners: $500@

Contest Rules

  • Must work with a supporting agronomist.

  • Minimum 10 acre canola plot.

  • Record yield from 1 acre of the canola field.

  • Yield must be recorded by weigh wagon.

  • Yield must be verified by supporting agronomist.

  • Winners must be willing to share their canola production practices related to winning yields.

How to Enter

  1. Send name, address, phone # and email address of entrant and supporting agronomist  to info@ontariocanolagrowers.ca by Aug 15, 2020.

  2. Submit your cropping and yield information on the Canola  Challenge Results Form to the Ontario Canola Growers by Oct 15, 2020.


Canola Checkoff
Ontario canola checkoff is $4.00/tonne