Ontario Canola Growers Annual Crop Tour

Thursday July 9, 2020

10:00 am to 2:00 pm

Location and speakers to be announced soon

Canadian Canola Exports to China

  • Canadian and Chinese government officials discussed canola seed trade on March 30.

  • China has informed Canada that the current trade in canola seed can continue (about 30% of normal canola seed exports to China).

  • However, the licenses of two large exporters, Richardson and Viterra, to export canola seed to China remain suspended.

Clubroot in Ontario
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Ontario 2020 Cost of Production
Crop Comparison / Field Crop Budgets

Canola Challenge 2019

Congratulations to the Winners!

1st -  4199 lbs/ac - Nathan Van Overloop

         Mike Veenema, Agris Co-op

2nd - 3878 lbs/ac - JR McLaughlin

             Matt Rundle, Harriston Co-op

3rd -  3683 lbs/ac - Mike Christie

             Jeff Kobe, Sprucedale Agromart

4th - 3628 lbs/ac - Emily & Sean Helmuth

            Matt Rundle, Harriston Co-op

5th - 3422 lbs/ac - Brian & Jon Wiley

            Jeff Kobe, Sprucedale Agromart

6th - 3412 lbs/ac - Harold & Wilma Fisher

            Ilona Holliday, Harriston Co-op


Canola Checkoff
Ontario canola checkoff is $4.00/tonne