Ontario Canola Growers
2021 Annual Meeting

The Ontario Canola Growers Association
will not be hosting our usual OCGA conference in January.
Instead we will refresh our website with a series of
new crop production videos and articles in early January 2021.

We will host a virtual Annual Meeting on Tuesday, January 19, 2021 at 1:00 pm
to cover AGM business matters including OCGA’s previous year audited financial statements, as well as a request for approval of a new bylaw that will allow for the inclusion of up to 2 directors at large (if needed) to represent OCGA’s newly designated District areas. This meeting will be held via Zoom. Please Contact Us to receive your link to join the meeting.

Canola Challenge 2020

Bring in the winning yield!

1st place winner: $2,000

2nd place winner: $1,000

3rd place winner: $750

4th, 5th and 6th place winners: $500@

Contest Rules

  • Must work with a supporting agronomist.
  • Minimum 10 acre canola plot.
  • Record yield from 1 acre of the canola field.
  • Yield must be recorded by weigh wagon.
  • Yield must be verified by supporting agronomist.
  • Winners must be willing to share their canola production practices related to winning yields.


District Representatives

District #1

Northern Ontario — North of Tobermory

Hubert Beaudry
Calvin Krahn
Will Runnalls
Matt Bowman
Timo Brielmann
Simon Cloutier
Terry Phillips

District #2

South of Tobermory, north of Guelph, west of Pickering

Jeff Curry
Jonathon Sammons
Kurtis Schill
Carl Brubacher
James McKinlay
Ralph Voisin
Jon Wiley

District #3

Eastern Ontario — East of Pickering

Jennifer Doelman
Kelsey Banks
Robert Hunter

District #4

Southern Ontario —South of Guelph

Ian Toll
Nathan Van Overloop
Jeremy Sculthorpe

District Representatives are appointed for 3 year terms and attend the annual District Reps meeting in January (day before OCGA Annual Meeting).

They are valued members of the OCGA team, contributing an important outreach role in each of their geographical areas.

Contact us at 519 986 3560