Double cropping winter canola and soybeans

Dr. Eric Page at Ag Canada's Harrow research station is working on interesting research on winter canola - which he is double cropping in the same year with soybeans.

Winter canola yields are impressive at an average yield of 4700 lbs/ac and soybeans are coming in at 50-65 bu/ac. 

Swede Midge Management Trials

Dr. Rebecca Hallett and her team at the University of Guelph continue their work on the establishment of thresholds for the treatment of swede midge as well the effectiveness of approved treatments.


In the summer of 2014, two wasp species (Gastrancistrus sp. and Inostemma sp.) were observed at several locations in Saskatchewan parasitising swede midge larvae within canola flower buds. More recently, another parasitic wasp species capable of parasitising swede midge has been found in Quebec. Conservation of biological control agents in agricultural landscapes could lead to increased swede midge mortality and provide one more tool in the effort to control swede midge in canola in Ontario. This summer the University of Guelph team plans to conduct a survey by collecting damaged canola plants in grower fields in order to rear and identify any swede midge parasitoid species that may be present in Ontario.